Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Have a Fab Girly Weekend

Hello Birdies! I've just returned from a much-needed girls getaway in Toronto with C and Brenda. The main purpose of our visit - tickets to Lady Gaga's show on Thursday night. The concert was fab but so was the rest of the weekend, which was filled with eating, shopping, chatting, drinking and...eating some more. I came back feeling relaxed (and in desperate need of some gym time!). So, based on my experience I present to you my tips for an indulgent and well-deserved girls' weekend:

1. Be Ladies Who Lunch

Ever noticed how on shows like Sex and the City no lunch is complete without a Cosmopolitan? Sure, Carrie is a freelance writer and can freely get buzzed in the middle of the day if she wants to, unlike those of us with 9 to 5 jobs. But on a getaway with your girlfriends, so can you! I sipped on Sapporo at Spring Rolls and enjoyed Chardonnay at the Holt Renfrew Cafe, with nary an ounce of guilt - cheers!

2. Let Dinner Come to You!

We found ourselves a little tight for time on the night of the concert, so instead of trekking out for dinner we decided to treat ourselves to room service. The food was delish it gave us time to get fully Gaga-fied. Note to time ask what dishes come with fries before ordering a giant plate of them.

3. You Don't Have to Spend a lot for Serious Retail Therapy

I wasn't in the mood for serious spending this weekend, but I did manage to treat myself to some fun finds that satisfied my shopping craving:

I picked up this super cute and great smelling Bliss travel pack at Sephora...perfect to throw in my gym bag!

Amanda Brooks' personal style book is chock full of gorgeous fashion photos, inspirational tips from style idols, and expert advice from Amanda herself.

Even though the weather was gloomy, the stores are already full of springtime looks like the ones above by H&M. I picked up a couple of cute summer dresses at the cheap-chic retailer.
4. Have Dessert Before Dinner

After a long day of shopping on Friday, we stopped by Pusateri's in Yorkville for some sweet treats to take back to the hotel with us. Brenda found a long-awaited pain au chocolat, and I snagged these delicious macarons. Heavenly.

5. Try a New Dining Experience

Have you noticed the food-theme? I'd heard really good things about Harlem, a restaurant known for its Southern style comfort food so I suggested it to the girls as a dinner option. Kathryn met up with us and we enjoyed a fabulous (fried) feast. The overall consensus - we loved Harlem's cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and hearty food, though the mac n' cheese could have used a bit more zing. Don't get me wrong, that didn't stop  me from polishing off my whole plate...

Deep Fried pickles, Harlem crisps with avocado and hummus, delectably sweet fried plantains

Bacon Mac n' Cheese

Fried chicken and greens

Harlem's mac n' cheese

Harlem's entrance, Richmond at Church
Well, that made me hungry all over again. Until tomorrow Birdies!

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