Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back from the Sun

Hello Birdies! Hubby and I have just returned from our week-long trip to Jamaica with C & K (and their baby bump). It was a beautiful and relaxing vacation...we laid in the sun, drank copious amounts of mojitos (virgin for C), and floated in the ocean. I felt C's baby kick. We looked for starfish in the water at dusk, and the Hubbies escaped our girl talk and magazine reading by playing volleyball (although K really enjoyed my issue of Tatler). It's truly amazing how rejuvenating a week away can be! Below are some of my favourite parts of the trip:

Our resort was located on Bloody Bay, a beautiful, calm, beach in Negril, Jamaica

The grounds were full of tranquil little spots like this, with hammocks, benches and swings - I feel relaxed just looking at this picture.

My favourite morning ritual - having coffee and breakfast brought to our room. The perfect wake up call. I ate soooo many mangoes last week!

Our room had a great view of this pond (where we could watch birds go "fishing"), as well as the ocean.

I have NEVER stayed at a resort with such phenomenal desserts - chocolate fondue, fritters, and this mango-vanilla cupcake were just some of the offerings.
I hope this post spread a little bit of sunshine to you. Have a great week!

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