Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Nest: New Barstools

One of the things that initially sold Hubby and I on our home was the great open concept kitchen / living / dining area. We imagined ourselves having lots of parties, entertaining friends while they sat on stools against the bar that separates the kitchen from the rest of our main floor, giving us a chance to actually chat with our guests while we prepared food and served up drinks. Well, it's been four long years of guests standing against the counter or squeezing into the kitchen, and only recently did we finally bite the bullet and buy some bar stools. You see, our counter is an above-average height, meaning the standard sized (and therefore more affordable) stools at most home stores just didn't cut it.

Luckily, over Easter weekend Hubby and I happened to wander by Relish Home  (17 Clarence Street) in the market. This well-curated designer furniture outlet offers great discounted show room models, overstock, and discontinued models. We immediately spotted two perfect stools - beautiful cream leather, comfy seats, and chrome hardware to match a vintage chair we already have in the living room. The best part? The 75% sale price, and no tax!

Doggie approves!

Photos via Blackberry...please excuse the quality!

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