Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Eye Candy...Winter Wonderland

So after a winter of next to no snow, Ottawa has been getting all kinds of wild weather the past few days...dumpings of snow, freezing rain and ice pellets, with the weekend forecast calling for clear skys but frigid temperatures. I'm planning on hiding out in the warmth every moment that I can!

The bright side (if there is such a thing) of all this makes for lovely pictures. Hubby snapped a couple of great photos today on his walk with Doggie.

To cap off this post and kick off your weekend, I hope you:

1. Play in the snow
2. Dress for the weather
3. Snuggle with someone you love...
4. Human or otherwise.
5. Drink something warm
6. Eat some delicious comfort food.

Until next post!

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