Monday, November 7, 2011

Best Sunday Ever.

Yesterday could not have been a better day - not only did we get an extra hour of delicious sleep because of the time change, it was sunny and bright outside, AND it was what many Ottawa fashionistas consider to be Christmas in November - the annual Vintage sale at the Chateau Laurier. B and I showed up with Starbucks cups in hand (which we quickly ditched), and perused three ballrooms worth of treasures.

Furs, clothing, shoes, jewellery, it was all there for the taking. B scored a gorgeous pair of Gucci glasses, and I left with a pair of flat black Italian leather boots, a white mink stole from Simpsons, and a 1960's era gray coat with bracelet length sleeves and a gorgeous high collar that I can't wait to break out during Christmas party season.

The venue added to the old world feeling of the event.

Things got a little blurry here - didn't want to waste precious shopping time snapping pictures!

A glimpse of the crowds.

Afterwards, we rejuvenated ourselves with tea, zucchini-potato soup and sandwiches at The Tea Party. All in all a perfect Ottawa afternoon!

PS - I just happened to be reading up on the history of Simpsons department store, and found out that the St. Regis room, which is printed on the tag of my fur, was the most "exclusive" clothing room in the department store's downtown Toronto location. It is what is now known as "The Room" at the Bay at the same Queen street location today, which houses their top designer labels.

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