Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hope you Had a Fab Weekend!

Hello Birdies! I hope those of you in Ottawa managed to make the most of this somewhat rainy weekend...I participated in Ottawa's 1st Annual Yogathon for CARE Canada today, which was a wonderful experience. It was great to come together with other women from the community for a great cause, not to mention how relaxing it was to do 6 yoga classes in a row (that's a lot of down dogs and deep breaths!) In the end, the group of 60 women in attendance collectively raised $8000! Not bad eh?

Hubby and I also had the pleasure of looking after Brenda's dog Cooper for the weekend. Luckily, he and Doggie spent most of the weekend like this:

Just kidding!! I wish! This only happened after a lot of this:

 ...and this (that's a coaster in Cooper's mouth in case you're wondering! Little bandit!)

...not to mention several trips to the dog park, doggie day camp on Saturday, and an 8KM run with me! But yes, eventually they did get cozy and rest peacefully!

Is there anything better than using your friend's bum as a pillow?

In all seriousness though, Cooper was a total joy and it was so much fun watching he and Doggie play all weekend. I can't wait for the next time they get to be together!

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead. :)

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