Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Eye Candy...Vintage Vogue Covers

How to Waste Time on the Internet, # 543...realize that British Vogue has a cover archive, spend an hour picking out your favourites while you could be doing something productive like laundry, walking the dog...having a conversation with your husband!

But oh, there is something about a gorgeous, phone-book sized issue of a UK magazine that really floats my boat (in case you didn't already know). I spent some time picking out my favourites so i could share them with you!

Kate Moss in 1994...remember when that brownish red lipstick was the hottest thing? Don't  even try to pretend you don't!

The beautiful and talented Winona Ryder, back in her hey day

Carolyn Murphy, shot by Mario Testino in 1994

Gemma Ward looking ethereal in August 2006

Seriously, how gorgeous is Gwenyth? And she's barely changed since this 1998 cover...except that I like her hair way better now

Eva Herzigova in 1998

A few things I realized when analyzing my cover picks:
- If it's pink I'll take it.
- I apparently have a thing for head-on portraits (maybe it's because I'm jealous these models don't always have to think about their "good side" like I do...damn them and their symmetry!)
- Blond Hair is my fave (obviously.)

Pop Princess Kylie in the December 2003 issue

Probably my favourite of the bunch: The Supers, shot by Peter Lindbergh in January 1990

I love, love LOVE how glamorous Sasha Pivavorva looks on this cover

Sophie Dahl looking uber sexy (see above comment re: pink).

Ok so no pink on this cover, but I think Georgia May Jagger looks awesome and I predict she has a HUGE career ahead of her

Back to pink with Posh
 Hope you enjoyed Birdies!

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