Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Nest: Bedroom Makeover

If anyone remembers my lifestyle resolutions post from earlier this year, one of my goals was to become a bit more of a DIY-er. I am ashamed to admit it had been quite some time since I'd picked up a paintbrush, and I have never so much as attempted a drill or a staple gun due to my accident prone nature.

However, my new year's resolution combined with the (desperate) need to redecorate mine and Hubby's bedroom was the motivation I needed to take the plunge and get down and dirty with some serious (for me anyway) projects. I spray painted a nightstand. I enlisted S to help me sand and paint Hubby's childhood dresser. And, Brenda and Martha were kind enough to guide me through a serious headboard building project. Check out the Before and Afters Below!

This dresser was literally part of Hubby's bedroom for as long as he can remember, so it was nice to be able to refinish it and make it part of our bedroom instead of just tossing it out. The paint colour is Salt Glaze by Martha Stewart, and the knobs and handles cost just a few dollars each at Home Depot.
The mirror was $39.00 at Winners!

Our fireplace is one of my favourite features in our bedroom, which gets chilly in the winter! But, it was becoming a little cluttered, and seemed to stick out like a sore thumb in our incomplete bedroom. I added white accents to tie it in with the rest of the room, and some tea lights and one of our favourite engagement pictures to add a more romantic vibe.
The white frame is from IKEA, and the adorable owl vase was a gift from C.

As you can see from the "Before" pic, we were a little desperate for clothing storage. Most of my wardrobe was housed in the guest room (fun during the week, not so convenient when visitors are in town!), so this awesome armoir from IKEA added some much-needed storage. I spray painted Hubby's old nightstand white, and added knobs I found at Anthropologie (top). The second nightstand is from IKEA, and I changed up the knob to match the other.
The white storage boxes are also from IKEA and now house my belts, tights, and scarves. Building the wardrobe was beyond my basic skills, so I bribed my dad with beer and a roasted chicken dinner and he helped me out!

I really like our grey and taupe bedding, but our frame-less bed was looking a little lonely. It was surprisingly easy to make this upholstered headboard with a little help from my girlfriends - I'll be posting a how-to soon!
The fabric is from C&M textiles on Merivale.


  1. I think that's really cute you kept his baby dresser! Great makeover!

  2. Thanks! I never thought I could grow to love that thing.