Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to Have a "Refined" Girl's Night

Hello Birdies! F has been in town for the past week and we've been making up for lost time, gossiping, chilling, and of course, eating. If you read my posts from my visit to Calgary in the fall, you'll know that F and I are huge fans of the charcuterie night, or as we call it, "salty meat night" (hence why "refined" was in quotation marks in my subject line...). No visit is complete without it, so on Wednesday night she came over with wine in hand to sit down to some sinful snacks with S and I...

Among the delicious treats? Olives, marinated eggplant, sundried tomato and baguette (top), and olive oil bread, prosciutto, manchego and boursin cheeses, and chorizo sausage (bottom).

Looking to plan a wine and cheese night with your girls? Check out this awesome post on Cup of Jo...simple tips on how to build the perfect cheese plate. Yum!

I said good-bye to F this morning as she is heading off on an adventure to Africa for the next few months. I'll miss you friend and I'll have copius amounts of wine and cheese waiting for you the next time you're back in O-town. xoxo

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