Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beach Vacation Essentials

Hello Birdies! After a long holiday weekend catching up with Hubby (who is finally home!) the focus of my week is getting ready for our upcoming trip to Jamaica! In just a few short days we'll be meeting up with C&K and departing for beautiful beaches, Caribbean waters, and soft white sand. It's always hard for me to pack minimally for these types of trips, but I do have a few staples that I will be sure to bring along:

Bobbi Brown Beach Perfume & Body Oil

If there is one scent that reminds me completely and utterly of summer vacation, it's Beach. I get compliments each time I wear this light, sunscreen-y scent. An added bonus, the body oil is a great moisturizer and perfect for showcasing a tan.

I picked up this great sequined-strap tote bag at Gap this past weekend. I love that it's straw, so it has a beach bag flavour, but the sequins glam it up just enough. Plus, it was 40% off.
An oldie but a goodie: I've literally been using The Body Shop's Coconut butter for about 10 years. I've tried other scents but you can't beat the ultra-smooth texture and tropical scent of coconut. It comes with me on any holiday where I know the salt, sand and sun may leave my skin in need of some TLC.
Obviously I would not be able to get through a flight without the tunes on my ipod, but in order to keep up with my workouts (and mitigate some of the resort-food damage), I'll be downloading some awesome go-anywhere routines from Women's Health. Guilt be gone!

Lancome Soleil Ultra Sunscreen provides UVA and UVB protection, plus it can be used for face and body and it's great for your skin.

I can hear the waves crashing now!

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