Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Minute Edible Pressies

Well birdies, it's Christmas Eve and time is ticking to pick up those last minute gifts. Being a foodie myself, I know how lovely it is to receive edible treats. Check out these options, from Toronto Life's Edible Gift List:

Xococava chocolates come with suggested cheese pairings. Can it get any better than that?

These allergy-friendly baked goods from Grandma Deb's are perfect for someone who may have a peanut allergy, or is staying away from Gluten. Yet, they still look delightfully delicious!

These flavoured, oak-aged vinegars by Mr. Vinegar would be an asset in any cook's pantry. I'm imagining the salad possibilities already...

Nude Bee honey is sourced from bee keepers in Guelph - a great way to buy the locavore in your life an Ontario-produced gift. 

Buy the dairy lover in your life a subscription to Montforte Dairy and they will receive delish cheese and charcuterie treats over a five year period. It give a new meaning to "the gift that keeps on giving!"

If you're bringing a dessert to a holiday potluck, crostoli is not a bad idea! The crispy pastries come in several flavours of tempting sweetness.

Merry Christmas Birdies - indulge, delight and relax (and eat)!

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