Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Selby & Sydney

Hubby and I recently booked a trip to Australia for the new year! I can hardly wait to escape the Canadian winter for warm sand, blue skies, and crystal clear water. I spent some time living in Melbourne, and one thing I learned from that experience was that while on this side of the world we tend to associate the land down under with white sand beaches on the coast, red desert, koalas and kangaroos, it is also home to some fabulous cities with no shortage of art, fashion, and food.

Having Oz on the brain, it's not surprising that I got sucked into the Sydney section on one of my favourite blogs, The Selby. For those of you unfamiliar with Todd Selby, he is known for photographing creative types in their "spaces" and the results are awesome. Here are my favourites from Sydney (I can't wait to get there!).

Gallery gal Sarah Cottier at home with Ashley and Rudy Barber (and their adorable boxer!)

Artists Jonathan and Annie Zawada in their eclectic apartment!

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