Saturday, November 27, 2010

Am I the only one who is freezing?

This week, after being spoiled by a somewhat mild November, Ottawa finally got hit with the big chill. For the first time this year, I've found myself pulling out my bulky, wooly grey scarf and to go to work, and the hood of my parka is permanently up. To make matters worse, by some awful twist of fate both our hot water heater AND furnace are not working properly. While I wait for both to be repaired, here is how I'll be keeping warm:

Classes at Moksha Yoga

I was never really someone who could get into yoga before I tried Moksha. I felt like yoga wasn't a "real" workout and I would go crazy during any pose where we were forced to lie still. That changed big time when I discovered Moksha a couple of years ago. The classes, which are all done in a heated room, are a fantastic cardio workout and also a great stress reliever. Not to mention, I'm more flexible than I have ever been. Now I can't imagine my life without it! I've been to two classes in the last couple of days. Working up a sweat and taking a luxuriously warm shower at the studio has made coming home to my heat deficient house a lot more palatable.

Souping it Up

There is something to be said for warming yourself up from the inside out. I'm thinking I'll whip up one of these beauties from Martha Stewart's website. Pretty, and delicious!

Roasted Sweet Potato Soup with Curried Apples

Cozying up By the Fire

I am sooo thankful to have an electric fireplace in my bedroom. I love the ambience it adds to the room, but also of course, the heat. Here are some lovely fireplace inspirations from design sponge. Don't you feel warmer just looking at them?

Until tomorrow Birdies...Keep Warm!

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