Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ottawa Fashion Week!

I was thrilled to attend Ottawa Fashion Week this past Sunday. The weekend-long event was held at the National Gallery, making for a gorgeous venue for up and coming as well as more established designers to display their Spring / Summer 2011 collections.

Two of the highlights for me on Sunday evening were Adrian Wu and Birds of North America. Wu is only 20, but already an accomplished designer. His show was bold and whimsical (one look consisted of a topless model wearing a giant headpiece) but many of the looks were very wearable and I was anxious to see more.

You've seen me mention Birds of North America in previous posts. Designer Hayley Gibson presented a flirty, retro spring collection of adorable dresses. I can't wait to get my hands on them for spring.

Here are some of my personal pics of the venue and shows, followed by some photography of Adrian Wu's presentation. Enjoy!

The incredible view

A Blur at Adrian Wu

The finale of Šoltys & Šnajdr

A look from Adrian Wu's collection, from The Ottawa Citizen

Adrian Wu's Collection, from the Ottawa Fashion Week Blog

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