Monday, August 27, 2012

Is beer the new wine??

Is it just me, or is beer enjoying a bit of a moment right now? Between the usual local favourites (Beau's and Kitchessipi in the Ottawa area), and new microbreweries in town (Mill St., Big Rig) the local pub looks like yesterday's news and I'm finding myself reaching for pint glasses more than wine goblets.

The week of August 13th was craft beer week in Ottawa, so Hubby and I took advantage of it and decided to get tickets for the Muskoka Brewery dinner at one of our favourite local establishments, Hintonburg Public House. Much like a wine pairing dinner, we got to enjoy seven different brews from Muskoka brewery, paired with an array of complimentary dishes. We sampled everything from the light Summer Weiss beer to the popular Muskoka Lager, Mad Tom IPA, and the more wintry, dark blends. And in case you're wondering how the food was, I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

House made sweet chili peanuts with lime salt, paired with Muskoka Summer Weiss

Pork ribs with mustard/malt glaze, paired with Muskoka Lager (my personal favourite!)

HPH's take on the lobster roll...shrimp roll with garlic mayo, paired with Muskoka Cream Ale

Chicken liver pate with green tomato pickles, ginger and apple -washed down with Spring Oddity.

Mushroom salad with bacon, pickled rhubarb and some sort of pulled pork croquette, served with Muskoka Mad Tom.

This is when it started to hurt to eat... beef brisket, beets and walnut glaze with Muskoka Dark

All topped off with a beer float complete with fudge-y chocolate ice cream and cranberries.

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