Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LBB in London...Sips

Hi Birdies! Well by now Hubby and I have been back from London for a couple of weeks (and I'd never thought I'd say this about England, but I miss the hot sunny weather??), but I still have to follow up on my last post and share some of my favourite things we saw and drank and of course, my favourite shopping spots! It's all too much to fit into one post, so for tonight I'll focus on some great spots for drinks...

On one of our nights in London, I roped Hubby into partaking into a "Champagne and Cocktail" crawl (you know, instead of a boring old pub crawl). I had noticed over the course of the week that as we would be walking home from our sightseeing, people were literally spilling out onto the streets, enjoying after work drinks in the warm weather. So I thought, why shouldn't we partake in these happy hour activities, even if we were on vacation, and technically, any hour could be happy hour?  As I explained to my girl F recently, Hubby didn't really get the concept (are we eating? Is this dinner? Will we be eating after the cocktails??), but he was game.

Our first stop was Purl, located not far from our hotel. We descended down some unassuming stairs that looked like they led to nowhere, and found ourselves in a speakeasy-style lounge, complete with boudoir-esque decor, dim lighting, and a bartender who knew his cocktails. From our amuse of cucumber-mint sandwiches to my glitter-infused cocktail, every bit of it was just right!

Our next stop was the luxurious Claridges hotel. We grabbed a drink at the lobby bar where I sipped a glass of champagne that cost me 19 pounds (!) and Hubby shed a tear while he calculated what the bill would cost us in Canadian dollars. But seriously, who knows when we'll be in London again?? 

We capped off the evening with some maki and wine at Nobu Berkeley. No pics of that stop cameras allowed to protect the privacy of celebrity clientele (they obviously meant me).

More to come!

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