Thursday, August 11, 2011

Style Idol(s) of the Week...Virginie and Claire Courtin-Clarins

The Women: Virginie and Claire Courtin-Clarins, granddaughters of the founder of Clarins skincare, Parisienne gals about town, and front-row fixtures. Oh, and before you can hate them too much, they also are educated and have their own (gasp) careers! You can read all about it in this month's Vogue.

Why I Picked Them: These two, (along with their cousins Prisca and Jenna) embrace their youthfulness and pull off colourful, trendy looks. They definitely are NOT afraid to take fashion risks. 

Their Look: Lots of skinny pants, fun silhouettes, prints, and COLOUR!

Virginie and Claire

With cousins Jenna and Prisca

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