Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LBB in New Edinburgh!

One thing that I love about Ottawa is how so many of our best (arguably, most of our best!) restaurants, cafes, and shops are not necessarily in the downtown core but in the neighbouring areas, like New Edinburgh! Nestled between downtown, Rockliffe Park and Vanier, this area boasts many delicious surprises. When Jess was in town this weekend, Hubby and I took her out for brunch at the ever-popular Fraser Cafe (I am still dreaming of the donuts!) followed by a cupcake at Isobels...alright, several cupcakes. We brought 6 home because we could not choose just one to try!

Brunch time at Fraser Cafe

Deliciousness at Isobel's...which by the way will be relocating to Hintonburg in October

Other awesome ways to enjoy New Edinburgh:
- Grab some pizza at Arturo's (haven't been here myself, but I have heard rave reviews!)
- Enjoy local fare at Farb's Kitchen
- Get your hands on designer consignment at Clothes Encounters of a Second Time
- Buy a pressie for your favourite chow-hound at Jacobson's
- Have a yummy lunch at the Scone Witch!

Do you live in or new New Edinburgh? What are your favourite spots?

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