Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Girl Cave Essentials

Thanks to Brenda, who introduced me to it, one of my favourite blogs is Made by Girl which a few days ago featured this awesome "girl cave", created as a home office and girly escape by blogger, wedding planner and stylist Rhiannon. I love the room so much I had to feature a photo here:

You can see some beautiful photos here.

While we hear a lot about "man caves" these days (my dad actually has a projector and an entire movie library in his), "girl caves" are a more rare phenomenon. Perhaps it's due to the assumption that because us women are "responsible" for decorating the house, we shouldn't need another room. Or maybe, the men in our lives could never imagine why we'd want to escape from them into our own cave. If you're like me however, you love the idea of a cozy little feminine escape you can call your own, with no one telling you the paint colour is too crazy or the accents are too "frilly" (actual Hubby quote)!

A girl cave can be your own little home office...or maybe a walk in closet...or maybe a little of both. I love the girl-cave potential of these rooms from around the web:

I was lucky that when we moved into our house, Hubby let me have free reign to make the second bedroom my "closet". I definitely girly-ed it up a little bit, but I couldn't go too crazy because we also use it as a guest room. Therefore the clothing must be contained as well as any pink paint. I firmly believe, however, that there are a few things that every girl cave should have:

A chandelier...or a chandelier wall decal! Like this one, $38.00 from

...Tres chic throw pillows
French Postmark Pillow Slip, $38.00 from

Pretty wallpaper by Marrimekko...

...a funky table lamp. This one is $140.00 from Zone. Finally...

... a magazine holder like this one from Zone, $29.50.

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