Monday, April 18, 2011

Eat Here...Tennessy Willems

This weekend marked the end of an era. After a few months of being my roomie, TV watching / wine drinking partner, and overall support system in Hubby's absence, it was time for S to go. We decided to turn our parting into a happy occasion with dinner at one of Ottawa's most buzzed about new restaurants, Tennessy Willems. This tiny wood fired pizza joint in Hintonburg churns out innovative pizzas on probably the most delicious crust I've ever tasted. S and I sat at the bar, which turned out to be a great experience as we had full view of the pizzas being prepared.

We started off with the charcuterie plate followed by the duck confit pizza and a second pizza topped with artichokes, mushroom, prosciutto and kalamata olives. So satisfying!

Tennessy Willems is located on the revamped section of Wellington Street West in Hintonburg at Melrose Avenue. Make a reservation!

Tomorrow...the rest of our girls' night out at The Moonroom.

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