Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eat Here...Hermanos Winnipeg

Greetings Birdies! I know I've been quiet on the posting front the last few days..I actually was on a whirlwind business trip to Winnipeg, with no free moments to blog! But, the good news about me being away is that travel = new restaurant and shopping experiences that I can share with you.

Now I have to say, it was my first time in Winnipeg and I wasn't sure what to expect other than freezing cold temperatures. Luckily, my coworkers and I arrived during a warm-ish spell. I was also pleasantly surprised by how pretty some of the pockets of downtown were - our hotel was in a cluster of older, historic looking buildings and my room had a great view of the river. But enough about that, let's get to the food!

In search of a place for dinner on Monday night, my director and I stumbled upon Hermanos, a South American style restaurant and wine bar with a great atmosphere and tasty food, housed in a historic warehouse building. The lounge seating was super comfy and although a few of the dishes lacked a certain "wow" factor (fried calamari is fried calamari), there were some standouts on the menu like the Peru Meets Lake Winnipeg ceviche, made with Manitoba Pickerel. Yum!

Also...apparently Michael Buble is a fan and ate there when he performed in Winnipeg. Great food an a celeb siting? Works for me.

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