Sunday, January 16, 2011

Up, Up and Away!

Hello Birdies! I know I've been quiet on the posting front as of late, but I've been busy preparing for my big trip Down Under with hubby! Despite having to make some last minute rearrangements to our itinerary due to flooding, it looks like we have a fun filled adventure in store. I'll try my best to update the blog, and in the mean time, here are the top five things I am looking forward to as I head back to one of my fave cities in the world, Melbourne!

1) Boutique-hotelling it: I make it my personal mission when planning trips to find well-appointed yet affordable boutique hotels. They're usually quite charming, stylishly decorated, and because they are smaller, you get some extra perks and attention you normally wouldn't find at some of the bigger chains.

2) Cake Shops: Melbourne is famous for its "cake shops"...walk down many of the streets in the city and you'll see windows packed with delightful pastries and other tempting treats. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "window shopping".

The Acland Cake of the most famous in Melbourne
3) Tasting Chocolate by the Bald Man at Max Brenner: While Max Brenner's Chocolate Cafes can be found world wide, I first tasted his delectable treats when I lived in Melbourne...I can't wait to introduce Hubby to the delectable hot cocoa varieties and many desserts...

4) The Australian Open: The fabulous thing about Melbourne is that it is bursting with things to do...whether you want beach, shopping, dining, arts or sports, it has it all. We will be in Melbourne just in time for the Australian Open, and although we may not get tickets to a match, I'd love to hit up the beer garden just outside the arena, where you can hear the cheers from inside the stadium as you take it all in on a big screen!

5) Sun, sun and more sun: I can't wait to be out of this chilly chilly weather and strolling along warm beaches sprinkled with palm trees!

More to come!

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  1. Hope you have an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it!