Thursday, December 9, 2010

Eat Here...Taylor's Genuine Food & Wine Bar

My good friend Jessica once commented that short ribs are the measure of a good restaurant. I've come to realize (through much taste testing!) that she may be onto something. If her theory is correct, then Taylor's Genuine Food & Wine Bar in Old Ottawa South is indeed a very good restaurant. I tried it out last night with my friend and former grad school classmate, C. As we caught up on careers and life in Ottawa we enjoyed the warm and just-spicy-enough soup of the day (tomato and squash), great red wine, and for me, the short ribs which practically melted in my mouth. The veggies on my plate were the perfect complement - potato puree, squash, and brussels sprouts. All of this coupled with the warm and cozy atmosphere (make a reservation - it's not a big place!) made for a perfect winter evening dining experience.

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