Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 Days Until Half Number 3...

I'm on the countdown to running my third half marathon this coming Sunday! Other than the standard prep stuff like buying energy gels and daydreaming of the carbs I will eat on Saturday night, I need to make a high energy, super motivating playlist. It's amazing how much getting into my music helps the kilometres fly by. As I'm narrowing down songs, I can't help but notice how so many of my top choices are by cool pop chicks. I don't claim to be a music expert, but for anyone who likes girly, catchy songs here is what I am listening to!

I fell in love with Dragonette when their first album came out, and their newest effort has not disappointed me! Some of my faves are Big Sunglasses, Stupid Grin, and Liar.

I defy anyone to say that California Girls wasn't one of their favourite songs this summer...I recently downloaded the whole album and thoroughly enjoy how catchy the songs are, especially Peacock and Firework.

Marina and the Diamonds is actually only one chick, but she can sing. Love her rich voice. During my race I'll be listening to Shampain, Hollywood and Are you Satisfied?

I like Mozella's slower yet still upbeat songs for winding down at the end of the race. I love Manhattan and 4 Leaf clover.

Ah, Robyn. The last time I listened to her music was when I was 14 and "Show Me Love" was the biggest song. She's now gone electro-pop... I wasn't sure about it but songs like U Should Know Better, a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, totally hooked me in.

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