Thursday, February 28, 2013

Travel Essentials: Girl's Weekend!

Is there anything more rejuvenating than a weekend away with your girlfriends? Whether we are shopping, spa-ing or just catching up over glasses (bottles?) of wine, I always come back home feeling refreshed.

I am heading out of town for a girl's weekend this weekend which was the inspiration for this post. Packing for a quick out of town weekend is a bit of a science - you need to pack your necessities and outfit options for a range of activities, while ensuring you stay within (annoying) baggage restrictions and maybe even leaving a bit of extra space for some fun new purchases.

Some of my tricks? They are pretty obvious but I'll share them anyway -I keep a stash of all the beauty samples and trial sized products I accumulate over the year and use them for trips. I buy travel sizes of my favorite products and keep them in my gym bag for every day use and throw them in my suitcase when I travel. When my girlfriends and I travel, we'll coordinate who is bringing what hefty hair appliance to save space in our respective suitcases (you don't need three flat irons in one hotel room!). 

Lastly, a few fashionable, fun, and functional essentials:

1 & 2. Bring a shower gel and body lotion in a scent you love and you won't need to pack a perfume...I love the travel sized scents from The Body Shop - like Satsuma.
3. A weekend of shopping requires foot wear that can withstand a day of walking and still make you feel stylish - I love these sneakers by Superga for spring.
4. I always travel with a bag I can wear cross-body so I can keep my hands free. This one from Aldo is the perfect size for shopping essentials, and will brighten up any outfit.
5. If you're sharing a hotel room, why not amp up the slumber party vibe with fashionable PJ's? I love these from Joe Fresh.
6. Stash a few packets of Emergen C in your purse - perfect for recovering after a big night out or replenishing your energy while you're on the go!
7. Erase the sins of late night wining and dining with Yes to Blueberries Eye roller.
8. These Kate Spade earbuds are perfect for looking stylish while entertaining yourself in transit.

Happy travels!


  1. It is awesome, seems very comfy and are in great design as well. Always love leather hobo bags from

  2. love no.4! :*