Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Eye Candy...Headmistress

I was enjoying some frivolous Internet surfing after work today and stumbled across the beautiful accessories line Headmistress. This UK born and Toronto based accessories line churns out beautiful headpieces, like head wraps, fascinators, and ...turbans!

Photos above from

Turbans have been a sort of under-the-radar trend for a few seasons now, and are favoured among many a fashionista. But these luxurious head wraps are not a new phenomenon to the fashion world. Just take a look at the gorgeous photo of iconic beauty Elizabeth Taylor below, or more recently  SJP's various looks in last summer's sequel to Sex and the City (I realize the location played a part, but still!). Not to mention the lovely Shala Monroque...

Pure elegance

Monroque, pretty in Prada

Ashley Olsen rocks a day-friendly, casual look
Sarah Jessica Parker as everyone's favourite fashion risk taker, Carrie Bradshaw

So how does the average every day gal incorporate a turban-inspired headpiece into their look? For day, keep your look seasonal...try out a casual head wrap for the beach or by the pool (I like this one from Headmistress). Bravely sport one over loose locks with a trench coat on a misty day. Or, take a cue from the ladies below:

What do you think Birdies? Will you wear one?

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