Monday, October 18, 2010

Retail Adventure - Montreal Cheap and Chic Shopping

Brenda and I always aim to make a semi-annual pilgrimage to Montreal to load up on spring or fall staples from our favourite fast fashion meccas like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21. Both being slightly Type A in nature, we spend days planning out our itinerary complete with caffeine and food breaks. Here's how it all went down this year...

8:00 AM - Pre trip Starbucks stop for Grande coffees and breakfast sandwiches. Used car salesman-looking fellow stares at us and asks if we're twins. We're not, just both blond and wearing scarves.

10:00 AM - Arrive on St. Catherine's street and burst through the doors of H&M, elbowing through anyone who dares get in our way (not really...but it sounds so much more dramatic like that). 

10:20 AM - B and I stop dead in our tracks when confronted with the perfectly arranged, undisturbed, colourful wall of tights at H&M. 7 pairs later, I feel ready for winter.

11:00 AM - Step into Zara where I immediately gravitate towards one of my fall / winter staples - sweater dresses. I come home with a short sleeved camel coloured knit fastened with gold buttons down the back, and a cable knit long sleeved dark grey number. B and I declare our mutual affection for the look of thigh high knit socks over tights. I opt for a light grey pair from Zara and a blush coloured pair from Jacob.

11:45 AM - First sustenance break at our favourite little French bakery. Replenish selves with buttery pastry and lattes.

12:30 PM - Visit Club Monaco where we are both swept away by the beautiful muted coloured cashmeres, knit shorts and ultra girly headbands. Sadly, I make no purchases.

1:00 PM - B and I enter the chaos of Forever 21. I question whether I am too old to shop there, but persevere and end up with tweed shorts perfect to pair with tights and booties. After waiting in the fitting room line for close to half an hour, B meets me outside declaring "I actually swooned at one point." She is not talking about the clothes, but rather almost fainting from the crowds and heat.

2:00 PM-6PM - A blur of Banana Republic, paninis for lunch, more coffee, a 40% off sale at French Connection and many other purchases. B and I climbed in the car completely satisfied and already contemplating our spring 2011 trip. Thank you Montreal for another thrilling retail adventure.

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