Tuesday, October 26, 2010

T.O. Fashion Week!

Last week was LG Fashion Week in Toronto. While I did not attend (my free passes must have gotten lost in the mail...) I did give myself a little virtual tour through the galleries and videos from the shows. I can't believe I've barely finished putting together my fall wardrobe and it's already time to think about Spring 2011! Here are some of my picks from the shows, as well as some gorgeous street style looks...

Who would of thought that shopping at a grocery store would ever be a fashion trend? I love these looks from the Joe Fresh show:

Line Knitwear's collection was comprised of sexy, stretchy knits in simple neutrals.. super easy to work into any wardrobe!

Chloe Comme Parris (not to be confused with Chloe...) showcased at Fashion Week for the first time, but their presentation was well received by critics. The looks are simple and clean but with a fashion-forward spin and some interesting cuts:

Finally, check out these Street Style looks from Fashion Magazine, including Canadian Super Coco Rocha:

Until tomorrow birdies!

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  1. Whoa...socks and high heels. It always blows my mind to see what they'll think of next. (I still haven't embraced shoulder pads)